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50 movie dare? Is that okay?

I really don't think I'm going to reach 100 by year's end. Oh, well.

I've watched a lot of movies since last time I posted. Before I list those, let me do a recap of the first six movies I watched this year.

1. The Life Aquatic... 4/5
2. Ocean's Twelve... 3/5
3. My Fair Lady (#91 on AFI)... 3/5
4. The Jerk... 2/5
5. Sideways... 4/5
6. Bottle Rocket... 4/5

Okay, now for the more recent stuff:

7. The Jacket... It was okay. Kinda corny. I think a lot of people wanted to like it cos of that Adrian Brody guy. 2.5/5
8. The Motorcycle Diaries (Diarios de Motocicleta)... Slow-paced and a bit of a disappointment. Still decent. 3/5
9. Without a Paddle... Horrible, and not funny. 1/5
10. Maria, Full of Grace... It was good. Sad, too. 3.5/5
11. Kumar and Harold Go to White Castle... I didn't wanna like this movie, but I did, and I found myself laughing a lot. 3.5/5
12. The Forgotten... It was pretty good. I'd watch it again. 3/5
13. Porco Rosso... A film by Hayao Miyazaki. Strange, but cute, and good. Not his best, tho. 3.5/5
14. Old School... Dumb. Sorry, but true! 2/5
15. The Incredibles... I fell asleep both times I tried watching this. Booooooring. 2/5
16. Kung Fu Hustle... Very, very funny. But there was a part where I did get teary-eyed. 4/5
17. The Cat Returns... Another film by Hayao Miyazaki's studio. This one's quite cute and quite good. 4/5
18. Grave of the Fireflies... This one's by a guy who works at Miyazaki's studio. What a depressing movie! Still, excellent. 4/5
19. Star Wars Episode 3... This one's only the 2nd Star Wars flick I've seen all the way through (the other being Episode 2). Fun to watch, but I could take it or leave it. 3/5
20. Snow White: A Tale of Terror... Interesting to see different interpretations of childhood favourites. Still, this was kinda lamziez. 2/5
21. The Interpreter... I liked it just cos it has to do with stuff I'm interested in. Otherwise, there was some cheese in this movie. 3/5
22. Batman Begins... I liked Burton's Batman movies better, but this was still interesting, I guess. 3/5
23. The Spanish Apartment (L'auberge Espagnole)... Man, I liked this one a lot. Definitely a favourite, and made me wanna rush off to Spain. 4/5
24. Moulin Rouge... I was kinda dreading seeing this one. I had caught snippets of it before on TV which annoyed me greatly. But in watching the entire thing from start to finish, I have to say I liked it a lot more than I expected. 3.5/5
25. Bad Education (La Mala Educacion)... I love this movie. 5/5 (This film also receives an award for being the only film thus far this year to get five stars from me!)
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