Erin (irisboffin) wrote in 100moviedare,

Slowing down here near the end...

113. One Tree Hill, Season 1 (I'm addicted, I can't help myself!)
114. Elizabethtown (The advertisements made this look like it would be so good. They lied.)
115. Prime (Cute, and my boyfriend, Brian Greenberg is super HOT!)
116. Walk the Line (Loved it. Probably my favorite movie of the year)
117. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Loved it, but could have been longer and I wouldn't have minded. Just to get in more of the book.)
118. The Perfect Score (Cheesy MTV movie, starring my boyfriend BG)
119. Sahara (Eh, Steve Zahn was funny...)
120. Madagascar (Not as good as everyone said)
121. Shark Tale (Also not as good as people said)
122. Millions (Cute English movie)
123. The Engagement Ring (Cheesy, but perfect for a lazy morning in a hotel.)
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